Frequently Asked Questions - Gallery

  • Q: What rules must I follow when using the image and video galleries? A. Only upload images and videos that you personally filmed or created! This is not a place for you to post all the old press photos or interview clips or rare bootlegs you've collected. We ARE working on a solution for that type of stuff, but it's not quite ready yet. So please, only post your own material. We're going to be strict about this.

    All of the media you'll be adding to will be hosted by Flickr and YouTube right now, so anything you post must adhere to their terms of service.

    The same rules of conduct used in the discussion forum apply to comments and other interactions in the galleries. In short: Be respectful, don't post hateful/racist/bigoted remarks or personal attacks.

    When choosing media to contribute, aim for quality over quantity. If you took 200 versions of the exact same photo with your digital camera, don't add them all, just pick the best one. Your contributor rating on the site will be determined by how much quality content you post, as rated by other members.

    Do not post spam, or any content that doesn't belong in the specific gallery you're adding it to. If you intentionally spam you will be immediately banned from contributing content.

    NSFW content is allowed, as long as it falls in line with Flickr and/or YouTube's terms of service. If you post any NSFW content, you must tag it with "NSFW". When the galleries are out of beta you will have the option to filter out NSFW content.

    Note that with regards to fan art and Photoshopping, the same rules apply that have been set here in the forum - no sexually explicit renderings of NIN members/crew. I don't want to see Justin and Robin having buttsecks any more than you do.

    Tag your content carefully and meticulously. Tagging is going to be very important in keeping the site usable and well-organized. Read more about tagging in the tagging guidelines. If your tags get modified by the mods, don't get upset, we're just trying to keep everything uniform.

    These actions will result in a warning, followed by a ban from participation in the galleries:

    • Posting obvious spam content, descriptions, or comments
    • Frequently posting media that you did not personally create
    • Frequently misrepresenting your content with inaccurate tags/descriptions
    • Giving useless ratings (i.e. rating everything zero, or everything 100)
    • Posting inappropriate/offensive/illegal content

  • Q: How do I add images or videos to the site? A: Follow the detailed image guide and video guide for step-by-step instructions.
  • All of the media here is imported from Flickr and YouTube. Importing your content into the galleries is a simple matter of giving it the proper tags on Flickr/YouTube.
  • Q: How long does it take for my photo or video to show up on after I tag it? A: Flickr photos will usually show up on very quickly - often about a minute after you tag them. YouTube videos, unfortunately, can take up to 24 hours for tag changes to get through their system, so don't expect instant gratification with those. Check back the next day and it should be there.
  • Q: What do I do if it's been a whole day and my photo or video hasn't shown up on yet? A: First, make sure you put the right gallery tag on your Flickr/YouTube content. If you did, try removing and then re-authorizing your Flickr/YouTube accounts in the "contact info" section of your profile. If that doesn't work, post as much information as you can about the issue in the gallery bug report thread and we'll look into it. Note that if you've just created your Flickr account and are trying to add images immediately, you will have to wait a day or two, as each Flickr account needs to be approved by Flickr staff before we can pull data from it.
  • Q: Why don't my descriptions and tags import over from Flickr and YouTube? A: We only import the media and its title from Flickr/YouTube, because we don't want to pull junk descriptions or irrelevant tags. We want you to carefully re-label your content here at in a way that best suits the community.
  • Q: Who can edit the tags and descriptions of my content? A: Only you, and the moderators. Moderators are very likely to edit your tags, but won't mess with your description unless it's spam, offensive, or complete nonsense.
  • Q: How do I edit the descriptions for my photos or videos? A: At the moment you can't, descriptions aren't working yet. We'll have descriptions active before the site goes out of beta.
  • Q: How do I remove media from A: Just remove the gallery tag you gave it on Flickr or YouTube, and it will disappear from - however, it may take up to a day for some stuff to disappear.
  • Q: Why do some galleries not list a Flickr or YouTube code? A: Most galleries are public and allow you to contribute content to them - however, certain galleries, like studio and rehearsal galleries, are locked to official users only, as there would be no reason for other users to contribute to them. If you visit a gallery with no Flickr or YouTube tag listed, it's probably because you're not allowed to post content there.
  • Q: How do I add tags to my media? A: To add a tag to your media, make sure you're logged in, and click "edit tags" on the right side when viewing one of your images or videos. You can add multiple tags at once - tags are space separated; put phrases in quotes, like "nine inch nails." Currently there is no way to add tags to multiple items at the same time - we're hoping to have some options for this in the future. Tags are not case-sensitive.
  • Q: What guidelines should I follow when tagging my media? A: We'd like to set a precedent of being very clean and accurate with our tagging, as it will make the galleries a lot easier and more fun to browse. Much of the job of media moderators will be to clean up and add tags. Unlike Flickr and YouTube, where people tend to throw as many tags at an image as they can think of to improve search results, here we'll try to be very specific with tags. For example, we'll universally use the tag "Trent Reznor" for any content that includes Trent, instead of "trent" or "trent.reznor" or "reznor." Tags are not case-sensitive.

    Here are some guidelines for tagging - this will obviously evolve with growing community input:

    Names: Use full names for all the people who appear prominently (blurred out in the distance and barely visible doesn't really count) in the image or video. If there's a member in the photo, tag it with their exact username, not their real name.

    Examples: "trent reznor" "robin finck" "josh freese" "alessandro cortini" "justin meldal-johnsen" "atticus ross" "peter murphy" "leo herrera"

    Song titles: Tag song-specific images or videos with the exact song title as it appears on the album. So, you would use "Help Me I Am In Hell" rather than "Help Me I'm in Hell." Only tag a live photo with a song title if you're absolutely sure the photo was taken during that song. If you're not sure what song it was taken during, just don't add a song title tag.

    Examples: survivalism "terrible lie" vessel "the warning" "head like a hole"

    Descriptive tags: Try not to get too specific, but you can use general words or phrases which may connect your media with other similar media. For example, we've been using the tag "band" to describe images in which the whole band appears. "Festival" could be used for media taken at festival shows. "Painting" could be used if you're displaying an image you painted. Don't get carried away describing your media, though - tags like "cool" and "red" and "pretty" just clutter up the site.

    Locations: It's probably acceptible in some situations to tag with locations. In this case names of cities, states/provinces, and countries should be exact, and listed as separate tags. So you'd tag it with "Seattle" and "Washington" instead of "Seattle WA"

    Examples: Chicago Utah Germany "British Columbia"

  • Q: What currently isn't working on the site? A:
    • Photos, videos, and galleries don't have descriptions yet.
    • There is no ability to browse all media within a specific collection.
    • The main page that lists all the galleries doesn't paginate, and thus doesn't display all the galleries (the drop down menus display all galleries).
    • No ability to single out official media within a specific gallery
    • No ability to filter NSFW content yet.
  • Q: What new features are you working on for the site? A: We have a long list of features we're still working to incorporate, including:
    • Ability to add favorites
    • Ability to add descriptions
    • Each member will have a personal gallery attached to their profiles, where they can post personal photos (i.e. of themselves and their many cats)
    • View counts
    • Ability to rate comments up/down, and sort comments by rating (a la Digg/YouTube)
    • Ability to sort media by number of comments, views, etc.
    • Ability to contribute media that you yourself did not create (i.e. music videos, interviews, old press photos, etc)
    • Feeds for content/comments/tags/etc
  • Q: What gallery should I put my media in? A: Since we don't have gallery descriptions in the beta version of the site right now, here are some explanations of what some of these galleries are meant for:

    Tour galleries: Galleries related to a specific tour date are for photos/video taken at that show only. The photos could be of the band, or of fans at the show. Photos of you and your friends having lunch before the show, goofing around waiting for doors to open, or driving to the venue should NOT go here.

    Fan photo gallery/Fan video gallery: This is the place to post photos and videos of you, your friends, and other fans doing more or less anything somewhat NIN-related. This would be where you'd show off the sign you made for the show, or the tailgate party you had in the venue parking lot, or other NIN moments in your life. If you're posting media of yourself or other users, try to tag your media with usernames so we know who everyone is.

    Fan art: This is where you can post anything you've made - image or video - inspired by or related to NIN.

    Photoshop creations: For all the crazy NIN-related Photoshoppings that go on around here. This can be for funny or serious Photoshop work, although you may prefer to add serious Photoshop creations to the "fan art" gallery.

    NIN tattoo gallery: Post pictures of your NIN tattoos!

    Fan-created wallpapers: NIN wallpapers you've made. Needs to be mostly original content, not just a wallpaper version of a photo or unaltered album cover. Please upload these at the highest resolution available - the full size image is always accessible through the "view full size" button.

    Your music: Post videos of your personal music projects, your band, etc. Just a place to show off your musical creations. Does not have to be NIN-related.

    Ghosts I-IV Film Festival: Add your entries to the film festival.

  • Q: What if I have photos or videos from past tour dates which aren't listed in the galleries? A: For now just hold onto them. We are working on creating galleries for all previous tours that you can contribute media to. In the meantime, if there is not a specific tour date gallery for your media, please don't add it to the site.
  • Q: I have a bunch of old NIN music videos and interview clips that you guys don't have in the galleries, where can I add them? A: Right now, you can't add them. We're working on a way to allow you to contribute archival content that you didn't personally create, but for now, please don't upload anything you did not create yourself!
  • Q: Where can I go for more help? A: If you have any other questions or need help, try posting in the gallery help thread here, and other users may be able to sort you out. If something isn't working or you believe you may have found a bug, please post about it in the bug report thread.