Adding images to does not host any images or video. Instead, it imports images and video from your Flickr and YouTube accounts. To add images to, you'll first need to add those images to your Flickr account. Flickr membership is free, and the service is easy to use.

Quick guide: (for more detailed instructions, use the step-by-step guide)
  1. Make sure you have authenticated your Flickr account with Do this by editing the "Contact Info" section of your profile, and following the instructions at the bottom of the page (view detailed instructions).
  2. In the image galleries, use the pull-down menus at the top of the page to locate the gallery you wish to add photos to.
  3. found the gallery to add pictures to     found the gallery to add pictures to
  4. On the gallery's main page you'll see a Flickr code listed. Every gallery on has its own unique code. Copy that code, and add it as a tag to your image on Flickr. Any of your Flickr images tagged with that code will automatically display on in the corresponding gallery.
  5. Flickr code for gallery     Add gallery tag to Flickr
  6. Usually images will appear on a few minutes after you tag them on Flickr, but sometimes it can take longer - even up to a day. Consult the FAQ if your images don't show up on after a while.

Still confused? View the step-by-step guide to adding images.